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Meule des Alpes


 The Alpes wheel is made south of Albertville in Savoie. It has a pressed cooked paste that is both smooth and supple, typical of cheeses from this region. The minimum 6-month maturing period gives it its beautiful colour and fruity flavour. Producer : Atelier de la Savoyarde (Beillevaire)Origin: Rhône-Alpes - SavoieMilk : unpasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk

Miel infused thyme


Homemade honey infused with thyme, try a few drops on goat's cheese to make it even more delicious. 30g Producer : BeillevaireOrigin: Loire-Atlantique  



A cheese made from raw cow’s milk and raw goat’s milk. It is composed of layers of cow’s curd, ash, goat’s curd and cow’s curd.This is a delicate cheese, slightly creamy with no rind. It has nice lactic notes melting in the mouth. A very unique cheese : nice looking and very tasty !Produced in Saint-Félix-Lauragais, it is a quite...



The Montrachet is a farmhouse cheese from the Burgundy region. The production is unique and the cheese is named after the area where it is made. The cheese is wrapped in a chestnut tree leaf and has a grey rind with blue hues. It is a soft cheese with a firm texture. Its rich and powerful nutty taste makes it...

Morbier bichonné


The history of Morbier is linked to that of the Comté cheese. It is thought that farmers used the leftover curd from the production of Comté, which was not enough for a whole wheel, to make a cheese they would keep for their own consumption. They would cover the top of the curd with ashes to protect it, then add...

Mothais sur feuille


Made from raw milk produced by Alpine goats, it is matured for 4 to 7 weeks. The chestnut leaf controls the humidity of the cheese, absorbing the extra moisture if needed and giving it back to the cheese when it becomes too dry. It has a thin white bloomy rind, slightly creased. Blue dots of mould can appear as it...

Mousse au chocolat


Chocolate mousse is a famous dessert, airy and unctuous. Made from cream, it follows a creamy recipe without egg white. A tip to get most of this product: take it out of the fridge a few minutes before eating it!Weight: 70g To avoid wastage, the chocolate mousse are sent in their own box, in packs of 6 units. Producer : Fromagerie...

Munster fermier


Two generations of the Claudepierre family have been making cheese for over 20 years on their farm in a natural park in the Vosges Mountains. It is here where Munster Fermier is made from the rich and buttery milk collected from their cattle, which enjoy the wildflower-rich pasture in spring and summer and are fed with local hay in winter.....

Ossau Iraty


This famous sheep milk "tomme" owes its name to the Basque Iraty Mountain and the Ossau Valley. Following a traditional recipe, this cheese is made in the Western part of the Pyrenees since the Middle Ages. Shepherds created it as a way to preserve ewe's milk in a nutritious (and delicious) way, and used the "tommes" to barter. Now a...

Petit Langres


Its shape has everything to astonish: at its summit, a basin called fountain is the result of its ripening process during which Langres knows only two turns. Like L'Epoisse, Langres is draped with a bright orange crust due to regular washing with salt water. At the cut, its white ivory paste has a real suppleness, even a creamy texture that...

Petit pot de crème - 6 units


The petit pot de crème "small cream pot" is a dessert made from cream. It melts smoothly in the mouth revealing its intensive and strong aroma. All ingredients are mixed in the petit pot de crème, packed individually and backed in the oven. A very tasteful and creamy dessert! To avoid wastage, the petit pot de crème are now sent in...

Pont d'Yeu


Named after the legendary bridge that was never built to link the wild Isle of Yeu to the continent, this is another delicious cheese we make. It is a traditional recipe from Vendée, where the goats graze on lush green pastures. Matured up to 4 weeks, it has a creamy, meltingly soft texture, beneath a thin blue grey rind. Its...

Pont l'évêque


One of Normandie’s oldest cheeses, it is another monastic invention dating back to the Middle-Ages, but it was named like this in the 17th century after a village not far from Deauville, where it was produced. Made from raw milk, it is matured for 6 to 7 weeks in a cellar and is washed regularly to keep the cheese supple...

Pouligny Saint Pierre


An AOP since 1976, the Pouligny comes from a region of France that is famous for its fantastic goat’s cheeses like the Selles sur Cher, the Valençay or the Crottin de Chavignol. The shape of the Pouligny clearly resembles that of the Valençay, but its texture is quite different: it has a lighter grain and is creamier, especially on the...

Raclette de Savoie


Produced in La Savoyarde, nestled in the Savoie Mountains, our Raclette is made from the unpasteurised cow’s milk collected from the neighbouring farms. It is matured on spruce for at least 8 weeks. The wood gives the cheese a nuttier flavour, and it helps regulate the moisture of the rind. Although perfectly enjoyable when eaten cold, the Raclette cheese truly reveals itself...

Reblochon fermier


In Haute-Savoie, in the heart of the French Alps, the Montbeliard, Abondance and Tarentaise cattle graze by the chalets. Being granted PDO protection in 1952, it is the only area where the Reblochon can be produced. Between June and October, the animals are kept outdoors on the green pastures, where generous amounts of rain and snow over the winter keep...

Riz au lait


Traditional vanilla rice pudding made from whole milk, rice, cane sugar and vanilla pods. Silver medal winner at the Salon de l'Agriculture. A delight you cannot miss !Weight: 125g To avoid wastage, riz au lait are sent in their own box, in packs of 4 units. Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk : pasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk

Riz au lait Caramel


Traditional rice pudding made from whole milk, rice, cane sugar and caramel.  A delight you cannot miss !Weight: 125g To avoid wastage, the riz au lait are sent in their own box, in packs of 4 units. Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk : pasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk

Roche Montagne


Made in the Puy-de-Dôme, the Roche Montagne is a cheese with the crust is ashed at the end of refining. Its dough is similar to that of a Reblochon, supple and smooth with a light persillage. It is a blue cheese which has a delicate taste. Producer : Société Laitière de LaqueuilleOrigin: Puy-de-DômeMilk : pasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk 570g

Rocher Nantais


The Rocher Nantais has a fine orangy, skated yellow crust such a leather. Its yellow dough cremates is soft. In mouth, it exhales a discreet flavor of fresh milk.   Producer: Fromagerie BeillevaireOrigin: Pays de la Loire - Loire-AtlantiqueMilk : unpasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk

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