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Blanc manger coco


Made in-house by Beillevaire, Blanc manger coco is based on a West Indian recipe using coconut milk. Weight: 125g To avoid wastage, blanc manger coco are sent in their own box, in packs of 4 units. Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk : pasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk,

Fromage Frais aux fruits


Using a traditional production process, fromage frais with fruit is made from fresh skimmed milk, matured for 24 hours and drained in bags. The curd is then enriched with cream, smoothed and packed on a bed of fruit on sugar, in clearly defined proportions. Weight: 150g To avoid wastage, fromage frais are sent in their own box, in packs of 4...

Yaourt à l'ancienne aux fruits - 6 units


Our range of yaourt à l'ancienne aux fruits is mixed old-style yoghurt made from whole milk.Besides its smooth satin texture and delicate taste, it contains some of nearly every nutrient that your body needs. With 20 flavours, you can have more than one favourite! Flavours change according to the season.  Our vanilla yogurt is our best seller, it was rewarded...