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Abondance Fermière


  The Abondance bichonnée is a farmhouse cheese made in Haute Savoie (French alps moutains) - The heel is concave, the rind is orange and the paste has a Ivory colour. The taste is really fruity with a delicate taste of sweetness. The texture is buttery and slightly sticky. Producer : Grillet-Aubert - FarmhouseOrigin: Haute-SavoieMilk : unpasteurised cow's milkAllergens :...

Beaufort d'alpage


The Beaufort Chalet d'Alpage is the best part of the summer production starting at the beginning of June and lasting till the end of October, when the Tarentaise and Abondance cows graze on the alpine meadows filled with abundant wildflowers and grasses and give a rich and flavoursome milk. It takes 500 litres of milk to make one wheel of...

Brun de noix


The Brun de Noix is produced in our dairy in Machecoul, in the countryside, to the south of the Loire River. It is made from raw milk, brushed regularly with a walnut liqueur and kept in a moist cave for up to 2 months. Taking its striking colour from the walnut, it has a pretty shape that enchants the eye...

Buche du Marais Poitevin


Our goat's log is made from pasteurised goat's milk. It has a thin, slightly creased, natural rind. The cheese beneath, the colour of ivory, is firm and smooth. Its flavours are delicate and savoury, with hints of citrus. Approx. 1kg Producer : Fromagerie de Fontenille (Beillevaire)Origin: Poitou-CharenteMilk : pasteurised goat's milkAllergens : milk



Chablis is a cheese made in Côte-d'Or. It has an orange rind, smooth, slightly wrinkled. Its pale, creamy yellow paste is melting in the mouth. Its pronounced scent exudes rich aromas thanks to the care given with successive washes at Chablis. Excellent with a spoon!   Producer: Fromagerie BerthautOrigin: BourgogneMilk : pasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk

Cheese curl


This tool allow to make small flowers shapes for your cheese. Perfect to use with : Tête de Moine Tomme brulée  Fleur d'Espelette

Chèvre aux 7 fleurs


This vey nice and beautiful cheese is recognizable thanks to his beautiful rind. It issprinkled by mallow flowers, cornflower flowers, flowers of marigolds, safflower flowers, strawberry leaves, flowers of rose, blue trigonel. 450g Producer : Fromagerie du Vivarais (Beillevaire)Origin: ArdècheMilk : thermised goat's milkAllergens : milk



Epoisses is the gem of Burgundy, a region famed for its fantastic wines and brilliant cuisine. The Epoisses was first made by the monks of the Cîteaux Abbey, who later shared the technique with the local farmers. After a decline in the early 20th century, it became popular again in the 1950s and has been greatly enjoyed and sought-after ever...

Lingot Cendré


One of our homemade cheeses made from raw goat’s milk collected on a local farm, where the goats graze on rich, green fields. The cheese is made in our workshop in Machecoul. Our Lingot is prettily shaped into a large bar, meaning that it does not dry out too quickly. Covered in a thin, natural rind over charcoals ashes, it...



Livarot is the oldest of the Norman cheeses. It has a shiny, sandy, orange-red crust, surrounded by strips of reeds. The pale yellow paste, pierced with small holes, reveals a clear scent, a powerful bouquet that remains in the mouth for a long time. The colonel has character!   Producer: Serge LECHEVALIER (La Houssaye)Origin: Basse NormandieMilk : unpasteurised cow's milkAllergens :...

Meule des Alpes


 The Alpes wheel is made south of Albertville in Savoie. It has a pressed cooked paste that is both smooth and supple, typical of cheeses from this region. The minimum 6-month maturing period gives it its beautiful colour and fruity flavour. Producer : Atelier de la Savoyarde (Beillevaire)Origin: Rhône-Alpes - SavoieMilk : unpasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk

Pont l'évêque


One of Normandie’s oldest cheeses, it is another monastic invention dating back to the Middle-Ages, but it was named like this in the 17th century after a village not far from Deauville, where it was produced. Made from raw milk, it is matured for 6 to 7 weeks in a cellar and is washed regularly to keep the cheese supple...

Pouligny Saint Pierre


An AOP since 1976, the Pouligny comes from a region of France that is famous for its fantastic goat’s cheeses like the Selles sur Cher, the Valençay or the Crottin de Chavignol. The shape of the Pouligny clearly resembles that of the Valençay, but its texture is quite different: it has a lighter grain and is creamier, especially on the...

Reblochon fermier


In Haute-Savoie, in the heart of the French Alps, the Montbeliard, Abondance and Tarentaise cattle graze by the chalets. Being granted PDO protection in 1952, it is the only area where the Reblochon can be produced. Between June and October, the animals are kept outdoors on the green pastures, where generous amounts of rain and snow over the winter keep...

Roche Montagne


Made in the Puy-de-Dôme, the Roche Montagne is a cheese with the crust is ashed at the end of refining. Its dough is similar to that of a Reblochon, supple and smooth with a light persillage. It is a blue cheese which has a delicate taste. Producer : Société Laitière de LaqueuilleOrigin: Puy-de-DômeMilk : pasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk 570g

Sable du Boulonnais


The Sablé du Boulonnais is made on the Northern Coast of France, between Boulogne-sur-Mer and the Cap Gris Nez. It is made on the Vert Farm, from raw milk - still warm - collected from farms nearby, in Wierre Effroy. During maturation, it is regularly brushed with wheat beer. It is covered in breadcrumbs at the end of maturation, keeping...

Tomme brulée


Tomme brûlée is born at the foot of Mount Baigura in the heart of the Basque Country. After the milk is collected from sheep (only local breeds such as Basco Béarnaise, Manech red head and black head), it is curdled and develops mould. With time and care, the crust becomes firmer and the paste gains finesse and flavor. This is...



Creamy, tasty while having character, the Venaco perpetuates the ancestral know-how of the Corsican shepherds.   Producer: A FilettaOrigin: CorseMilk : pasteurised ewe's milkAllergens : milk

Yaourts au lait de brebis 2x125g - 4 lots


Set sheep’s milk yoghurt. With a smooth, firm texture which varies with season, it has delicate flavours, with surprisingly delicate tangy notes, typical of sheep’s milk and perfectly balanced. To avoid wastage, the sheep's milk yoghurt are now sent in their own box, in packs of 8 units (4 lots). Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk : pasteurised sheep's milkAllergens :...

Yaourts au lait de chèvre 2x125g - 4 lots


Set goat’s milk yoghurt. With a smooth, firm texture which varies with season, it has delicate flavours, with surprisingly delicate tangy notes, typical of goat’s milk and perfectly balanced. To avoid wastage, the goat's milk yoghurt are now sent in their own box, in packs of 8 units (4 lots). Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk : pasteurised goat's milkAllergens :...