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Fromagerie Bries-de-Saint-Rémy

Fromagerie Bries-de-Saint-Rémy

Brie de Meaux, Brillat-Savarin

Saint-Rémy-la-Vanne, Seine-et-Marne

The Bries-de-Saint-Rémy workshop is located on the bank of the Grand Morin River, in St Rémy-de-la-Vanne, in the heart of this historic cheese area.

The bloomy rind cheeses of the area, formerly protected by abbeys from different Briardes cities (Meaux, Melun, Nangis, Montereau, Coulommiers), are currently produced in one workshop taking into account the peculiarity of every one of them.

A historical and favourable prairie inhabited by people trained to make cheese and pay great attention to product quality and traceability : there was little to be re-launched in this workshop that makes the most of this Briard country’s treasures.

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