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Fromagerie & cave de Machecoul

Fromagerie & cave de Machecoul

Cheese, butter, cream, yoghurt, dessert

Machecoul, Loire Atlantique

Machecoul, our land, is in the heart of the Marais Breton, south of the Loire-Atlantique.

Every day, we collect the raw cow’s and goat’s milk from several farms located not far from our creamery. We have developed a strong relationship based on trust, responsibility and support with these farmers as their commitment to animal welfare and milk quality is essential for our creamery.

The result of this relationship makes all the difference: a wide variety of cheeses made by hand from raw goat’s or cow’s milk using the traditional craftsmanship of our skilled cheese makers. We produce delicious authentic products (butter, cream, yoghurts and desserts) that reveal the abundance of the local green lush pastures!

Besides being a cheese producer, we are also a cheese affineur. We age the cheese in our natural cellar located below our dairy. Some of our cheese, such as our “bichonnés” range (pampered cheese), are carefully looked after for at least 60 days after aging!

Products from Machecoul

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