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Comté 12/24/30 months


The Comté is an artisan cheese that has a PDO designation since 1952. It takes about 450 litres of milk to make just one wheel of Comté. Farmers let their cattle graze on mountain pastures in summer, and feed them with hay in winter. It is the art of affinage though that makes the Comté a truly great cheese. When...

Confiture de Cerise Noire


  The black cherry jam is cooked over a low heat for eight hours. This "traditional" recipe, inspired by our grandmothers, is the perfect accompaniment to Basque ewe's milk cheese. Ingredient : Whole black cherries, cane sugar, honey, lemon, pectin. 200g Producer : LoreztiaOrigin: Nouvelle Aquitaine - Pyrénées Atlantique

Confiture de figue


This jam is soft and sweet with hints of honey. From the Sollies or Roussillon region, the figs we use will bring sunshine to your meals. Ingredients : Fig 64% ,sugar, lemon, gelling agent: locust bean gum and carrageenan (seaweed). Prepared with 64g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 55%. 250g Producer : Les confitures de RaphaëlOrigin: Ille et Villaine - Bretagne...

Crème brûlée


Traditional French Crème Brûlée made from whole milk. Another delight you cannot miss !Weight: 125g To avoid wastage, crèmes brulées are sent in their own box, in packs of 4 units. Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk : pasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk, eggs

Crème crue


Also known as Crème Fraîche. Our raw cream has a smooth and satiny appearance. Due to the very close proximity to our farms, we collect the milk still warm every morning and evening. The cream is then matured for 24 hours to develop its full aromas and pleasant texture. With 44% fat, it is perfect to be consumed raw or...

Crêpes de froment


Traditional French sweet crepes made in Machecoul workshop. Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueAllergens : milk, gluten, eggs

Crottin de pays


The Crottin de Pays is a goat cheese made from thermised milk in our Fontenille workshop. The texture is both crumbly and melting in the mouth. The cheese has a fresh and delicate "goaty" taste. It can either be enjoyed with a slice of fresh bread and butter or cooked.Approx. 90g Producer : Fromagerie de Fontenille (Beillevaire)Origin: Poitou-CharentesMilk : thermised goat's milkAllergens...

Emmental Rapé


Emmental de Savoie grated in Machecoul workshop. Producer : Fruitière de Saint-OffengeOrigin: Haute SavoieMilk : pasteurised cow's milkAllergens : milk



Epoisses is the gem of Burgundy, a region famed for its fantastic wines and brilliant cuisine. The Epoisses was first made by the monks of the Cîteaux Abbey, who later shared the technique with the local farmers. After a decline in the early 20th century, it became popular again in the 1950s and has been greatly enjoyed and sought-after ever...

Fleur d'Espelette


  Unpasteurized ewe’s milk cheese, pressed and uncooked cheese. The rind is grey. The paste is buttery and coloured by the Espelette peppers, an amazing little village from the Basque country (South West of France).Its taste is fruity with a very delicate touch of pepper. Its blend is well balancer and the chilli pepper does not take the lead on...

Fleur des Marais Salants


A delicate goat cheese with a thin rind. Just creamy under the rind, really soft and mild. Approx. 160g Producer : Fromagerie de Fontenille (Beillevaire)Origin: Poitou-CharenteMilk : unpasteurised goat's milkAllergens : milk

Fourme d'ambert


One of France’s oldest cheeses dating from as far back as the Roman times, the Fourme is also one of the most popular. Having a PDO designation since 1970s, it is a creamy and delicate blue cheese that will please connoisseurs and beginners alike. The Fourme d'Ambert is made from pasteurised milk and is the most delicate of the blue...

Free range eggs x6


French Farmhouse eggs.Punnets of 6 eggs. Producer : La Ferme de la ForêtOrigin: Loire-AtlantiqueAllergens : egg

French Crackers


Crispy French crackers for your favourite cheese board. 95g Producer : Pâtisserie des FlandresOrigin: NordAllergens : gluten

Fromage Frais aux fruits


Using a traditional production process, fromage frais with fruit is made from fresh skimmed milk, matured for 24 hours and drained in bags. The curd is then enriched with cream, smoothed and packed on a bed of fruit on sugar, in clearly defined proportions. Weight: 150g To avoid wastage, fromage frais are sent in their own box, in packs of 4...

Galettes de sarrasin


Traditionally made with buckwheat flour, these savoury crepes from Brittany are made in Machecoul workshop. Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueAllergens : eggs (lysozym), possible tracks of gluten

Gift Card - Beillevaire


Treat someone you love to a gift card to spend on Beillevaire online shop.

Grand Suisse


Using a traditional production process, Grand Suisse is made from fresh skimmed milk, matured for 24 hours and drained in sacks. The curd is then enriched with cream, in clearly defined proportions, and finally smoothed.17% fat content Weight: 70g To avoid wastage, grand suisse are sent in their own box, in packs of 6 units. Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk :...

Lait demi-écrémé UHT


The milk is collected from the farms located not far from Machecoul. Semi-skimmed milk.Weight: 1L Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire)Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk : sterilised cow's milkAllergens: milk



One of our homemade cheeses made from raw goat’s milk collected on a local farm, where the goats graze on rich, green fields. The cheese is made in our workshop in Machecoul. Our Lingot is prettily shaped into a large bar, meaning that it does not dry out too quickly. Covered in a thin, natural rind over charcoals ashes, it...

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