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Fromagerie du Val de sienne

Fromagerie du Val de sienne


Gravray, Basse Normandie

Gavray is one of the last two artisan and independent Camembert de Normandie PDO makers. It is an honour to be part of the restrictive club of cheese makers striving to keep the traditional French cheese making alive.

There as well, the raw milk is collected daily from several farms located not far from the dairy. Produced using traditional artisanal methods, the Camembert de Normandie PDO is handcrafted with a traditional ladle.

Matured for at least 21 days, our Camembert de Normandie develops nice woody flavours. It is endowed with the aromatic fullness of the lush green pasture.

In July 2019, for the second year in a row, our Camembert de Normandie won the gold medal at the Camembert general competition organised by the prestigious "Confrérie des chevaliers du Camembert".

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