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Beaufort d'alpage


The Beaufort Chalet d'Alpage is the best part of the summer production starting at the beginning of June and lasting till the end of October, when the Tarentaise and Abondance cows graze on the alpine meadows filled with abundant wildflowers and grasses and give a rich and flavoursome milk. It takes 500 litres of milk to make one wheel of Beaufort. It follows the traditional time-tested techniques: there are two batches per day, produced at an altitude of over 1500 metres from the milk of a single herd. This non-mould ripened cheese is made in France and is recognisable by its concave wheel.
It has a slightly yellow paste with an impeccable buttery texture. Its great taste and flavours of fresh milk and white flowers will take you on an imaginary trip to the mountains.

Producer : Les Glaciers
Origin: Savoie
Milk : unpasteurised cow's milk
Allergens : Milk


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