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Bleu des Causses


Closely related to the Roquefort, Bleu des Causses is also matured in the cool and humid caves of the Causses plateau. Unlike its illustrious cousin (made from ewe’s milk and matured only the in caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon), it is made from cow’s milk.
The pale ivory paste is dotted with blue veins throughout. Bleu des Causses has a firm but moist texture, slightly brittle, and its strong savoury notes are gently offset by the smooth, creamy cow’s milk and the sharp mushroom notes of the blue veins.
It is a spectacular cheese full of flavours and a real treat for blue cheese enthusiasts.

Producer : Société Fromagère de Rodez
Origin: Midi-Pyrénées
Milk : pasteurised cow's milk
Alergens : milk


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