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Morbier bichonné


The history of Morbier is linked to that of the Comté cheese. It is thought that farmers used the leftover curd from the production of Comté, which was not enough for a whole wheel, to make a cheese they would keep for their own consumption. They would cover the top of the curd with ashes to protect it, then add a second layer from the leftovers of the next Comté production day. Nowadays, farmers make the Morbier wheel from a single milking, but they have kept the distinctive dark line that runs through it. This farmhouse Morbier is matured an extra 100 days in our natural stone cellar in Machecoul. Beneath the thin natural rind, the pale yellow paste is buttery and elastic with fragrances of hay, flowers and mushrooms. It has fruity long-lasting flavours, with a delicate creamy taste. Nicely balanced it is a great option for a flavoursome but delicate cheese.

Producer : Hervé Poulet / Pampering: Cave de Machecoul (Beillevaire)
Origin: Franche-Comté
Milk : unpasteurised cow's milk
Allergens : milk


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