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Pouligny Saint Pierre


An AOP since 1976, the Pouligny comes from a region of France that is famous for its fantastic goat’s cheeses like the Selles sur Cher, the Valençay or the Crottin de Chavignol. The shape of the Pouligny clearly resembles that of the Valençay, but its texture is quite different: it has a lighter grain and is creamier, especially on the edges, beneath the velvety rind. Its flavour is also slightly less savoury than that of the Selles sur Cher or Valençay, with fruitier notes. Matured for at least 2 weeks, it can develop dots of blue mould on the rind as it ages, with the flavours becoming stronger. A striking cheese with a very pleasing texture, it will always delight goat’s cheese enthusiasts.

Approx. 250g

Producer : Ferme des Ages
Origin: Centre-Val de Loire
Milk : unpasteurised goat's milk
Allergens : milk

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