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Ossau Iraty


This famous sheep milk "tomme" owes its name to the Basque Iraty Mountain and the Ossau Valley. Following a traditional recipe, this cheese is made in the Western part of the Pyrenees since the Middle Ages. Shepherds created it as a way to preserve ewe's milk in a nutritious (and delicious) way, and used the "tommes" to barter. Now a PDO cheese, our farmhouse Ossau Iraty is still made in the traditional way: shepherds collect the milk at high altitude and make the cheese in chalets called "cayolars". The young cheese is then taken to our affineur where it is matured for 4 to 6 months. It has a natural orange rind and a firm, buttery, coloured paste. Its rich fruity taste abounds in aromas of grass and flowers.

Producer : Les Bergers du Haut-Béarn / Maturation: Cave du Haut-Béarn (Beillevaire)
Origin: Pyrénées
Milk : unpasteurised ewe's milk
Allergens : milk


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