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Brie de Meaux


Originally from Meaux, the Brie is a designated PDO product since 1980. Our Brie is made in our own workshop in the Eastern Paris Basin, known for its rich soils and large fields. It takes 25 litres of cow’s milk to make one Brie.
It is matured for 6 to 8 weeks, and turned regularly to prevent it from “sinking” in the middle and to develop an even, velvety rind. As the cheese ages, the rind develops red or brown patches. It has a creamy meltingly-soft texture, a pungent aroma and rich and buttery flavours, with notes of mushroom and truffle. Although most people are familiar with the Brie, they may be surprised by the strength and depth of this Brie, as it is made from raw milk. This is the real Brie, the one that is known as the “King of Cheeses”.

Producer : Fromagerie Bries-de-Saint-Rémy (Beillevaire)
Origin: Ile-de-France
Milk : unpasteurised cow's milk
Allergens : Milk


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