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Raclette de Savoie


Produced in La Savoyarde, nestled in the Savoie Mountains, our Raclette is made from the unpasteurised cow’s milk collected from the neighbouring farms. It is matured on spruce for at least 8 weeks. The wood gives the cheese a nuttier flavour, and it helps regulate the moisture of the rind. Although perfectly enjoyable when eaten cold, the Raclette cheese truly reveals itself when melted as part of the famous eponymous dish: “Raclette”. It is a traditional Swiss meal cooked by heating the cheese either in front of a fire or by a special machine and scraping (“racler” in French, giving the name raclette) the melted cheese onto potatoes and cured meats.
A simple and perfect meal to be shared with family and friends!
680g: for approx. 3-4 people
1.370kg: for approx 6-8 people

Producer : Laiterie La Savoyarde (Beillevaire)
Origin: Savoie
Milk : unpasteurised cow's milk
Allergens : milk


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