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Comté 12/24/30 months


The Comté is an artisan cheese that has a PDO designation since 1952. It takes about 450 litres of milk to make just one wheel of Comté. Farmers let their cattle graze on mountain pastures in summer, and feed them with hay in winter. It is the art of affinage though that makes the Comté a truly great cheese. When maturating on boards of spruce in humid caves, it develops a thick rind, which becomes crumblier and darker during ageing. Our affineur, Jean Lecatelli (Vieu d'Izenave) carefully checks and turns the wheels, tapping them to check for cracks. A nice ripened Comté has a smooth yellow pâte with a buttery texture. Its flavours become more complex and long lasting throughout the year, developing the sweetness of dried fruits and hints of nuts perfectly balanced by savoury notes.

Producer: Sancey-Richard / Maturation: Cave de Vieu-d'Izenave (Beillevaire)
Origin: Franche-Comté
Milk : unpasteurised cow's milk (cooked)
Allergens : milk



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