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Sable du Boulonnais


The Sablé du Boulonnais is made on the Northern Coast of France, between Boulogne-sur-Mer and the Cap Gris Nez. It is made on the Vert Farm, from raw milk - still warm - collected from farms nearby, in Wierre Effroy. During maturation, it is regularly brushed with wheat beer. It is covered in breadcrumbs at the end of maturation, keeping the cheese moist and helping the flavours to develop. The Sablé has an orange, sandy rind, and the cheese beneath is the colour of straw, smooth and creamy. Its flavours are a subtle and delicate mix of fruity and buttery notes, with hints of wheat.


Producer: Fromagerie Ste Godeleine
Origin: Nord-Pas-De-Calais
Milk : pasteurised cow's milk
Allergens : milk

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