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Homemade dessert box subscription


Beillevaire homemade production of dairy sweet products.A selection of a dozen of French desserts and yoghurts delivered to your door every month.Choose the subscription period : 1, 3 or 6 months.

Coeur de Neufchatel


The Coeur de Neufchatel is from the village of Neufchatel-en-Bray. Legend says that in the 14th century, during the Hundred Years’ War, women would present this heart-shaped cheese as a gift to their lovers... It is a soft, and slightly crumbly cheese, usually compared to Camembert, with a coarser and firmer texture beneath a thicker bloomy rind, which develops during...

Beillevaire Gift Card


Treat someone you love to a gift card to spend on Beillevaire online shop.

June mix selection


All you need in one box. Beillevaire homemade products selection (photo non contractual): 1 Valencay (unpasteurised goat's milk cheese)1 Camembert de Normandie (unpasteurised soft cow's milk cheese)1 Pitchounet (unpasteurised hard ewe's milk cheese)3 Yaourt à l'Ancienne Apricot2 Raspberry Fromage Blanc3 Petit pot de crème Caramel1 Caillé de campagne (cottage cheese style) Producer : VariousMilk : variousAllergens: milk & various depending on the selection

June Artisan Cheese Selection


All you need for your perfect French artisan cheese board.A selection of 5 seasonal cheeses every month (photo non contractual)June's cheese selection: Valencay (250g) - (unpasteurised goat's milk cheese)Secret du Couvent bichonné (190g) - (unpasteurised pressed cow's milk cheese)Pitchounet 1/2 (190g) - (unpasteurised hard ewe's milk cheese)Bleu du Bocage (250g) - (pasteurised blue goat's milk cheese)Camembert de Normandie (150g) -...

June Homemade Dessert Selection


An exclusive selection of a dozen of French desserts and yoghurts every month.All you need to satisfy any sweet tooth! (main photo non contractual) June's selection: 3 Plain Grand Suisse 3 Yaourt à l'Ancienne Blackcurrant3 Yaourt à l'Ancienne Apricot - NEW2 Raspberry Fromage Blanc - NEW3 Petit pot de crème Caramel1 Caillé de campagne (cottage cheese style) Producer : Fromagerie de Machecoul (Beillevaire) Origin: Loire-AtlantiqueMilk...

Caillé de campagne (cow's curd)


The Caillé de Campagne (cow's milk curd) is made from 7% fat whole milk, using a traditional method.The curd is matured for 24 hours and then drained in cloth bags.  The Caillé de Campagne has a great satin colour and melts in the mouth! It is the perfect ingredient for your savoury or sweet recipe, with a spoon of jam, honey...or on its...

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